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Weather and Food

El Alto International Airport in La Paz

Wilstermann International in Cochabamba

Viru Viru International Airport in Santa Cruz

Capitan Oriellea Plaza Airport in Tarija


C u i s i n e

Hearty and healthy Quinoa soup

Pique a lo Macho - a meatlovers dream!

Chicha morada (purple) is a sweet corn drink. Not to be confused with fermented chicha.

Chicharron de pollo, fried chicken bits!

Llajua (ya-hwa) aka bolivian salsa. Made of chilis and tomatos


Quinoa soup - A nutritious soup made of the hardy grain quinoa. This grain is used by NASA astronauts for its potency of nutrition.

Pique a lo Macho - A giant plate of beef, sausage, tomatoes, french fries, and peppers. Yum!
Chicharron - Fried chicken or pork chunks. VERY tasty! Usually served with llajua (salsa), salad, and rice. Note: most restaurants only server chicken chicharron. Pork chicharron (a tastier version) is served on Sundays. I don't normally eat pork but... it just smells/tastes so good!
Silpancho - A flattened, breaded steak with rice, fried eggs, and tomatoes. Nothing too wacky :)

Sopa de Mani - Peanut soup. Super tasty!! Usually comes with potatoes, carrots, parsely.

Chicha Morada - A G-rated purple corn drink. It should not be confused with chicha (no morada) which is a fermented corn drink.

Where to eat in Cochabamba:

O Sole Mio - An authentic Italian Restaurant owned by Sicilian immigrant couple. Located across the IC Norte Supermarket in Queru Queru, they offer genuine Italian dishes as well as Cochabamba's most authentic tasting pizza baked in brick ovens. They include as their clients, past Bolivian Presidents.
Dumbo Restaurant - Famous for fresh and exotic ice creams. You can find branches in El Prado (Avenida Ballivian), Queru Queru (Avenida America under the name Globos), and downtown.
They also sell burgers, fries, and Bolivian dishes. Very reasonable prices. They also sell quenching jugs of exotic juices. Beware of the clowns!

Los Castores - Located in El Prado. They sell delicious saltenas (meat patties). They are open only until 2 pm so get there early!

Milene's Restaurant - Located on Avenida America in Queru Queru. Small restaurant that serves Bolivian dishes at reasonable prices.

Where to eat in La Paz:

Cafe Ciudad (City Cafe) - If you're out late then try out Cafe Ciudad located in downtown on La Plaza de los Estudiantes (Students Plaza).

La Cantuta - A bar/restaurant located in the 5 star Hotel Presidente. A little more expensive than other places but they have a big selection of American, Bolivian and foreign foods.

Profumo di Caffe - If you want excellent coffee, hot chocolate and cakes, go to Profumo di Caffe, just besides Cathedral San Francisco in La Paz. It's *really* good.

Where to eat in Santa Cruz:

We only ate ice cream at Dumbo's. :) It was too hot and humid to eat anything else!! Hehehe! (We only stayed there a few hours).