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Sun Gate

The mysterious Sun Gate of Tiwanaku. The guide said it may have been a calendar. Be sure to check out MYSTERIOUS LINKS for information on Tiwanaku! We went during the off season but were surprised by the variety of tourists. There were people from Brazil, Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia, Japan, and Ireland.


View of the Andes Peaks coming back from Tiwanaku.

Subterranean Court

Sunken Courtyard with stone heads sticking out from all sides. The tour guides we used are Eliana Tours (Phone 353272 Edificio Venezuela - Calle Capital Ravelo y Sagarnaga Street - La Paz). The cost was 15 dollars per person and the people are friendly. The recommended Tonito Tours was not open due to the floods.


Close-up of the famous monolith.

Boy on cliff

Close-up of a head sticking out from the walls of the sunken courtyard.

The Temple at Tiwanaku. Past the doors you can see the monolith.

A different monolith. Tiwanaku is located on the Altiplano about 30 minutes from La Paz. It was very cold and desolate. There is a museum nearby. This is where we ate quinoa soup that was quite satisfying.

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