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The Mysterious Andes

"Legend has it that a vast subterranean network exists in the Andes. This would infer engineering skill of the highest calibre which the early inhabitants of South America did not lack. The megalithic stonework of Tiahuanaco has to be seen to be believed. Stones are fitted together with insets without cement as if they were ivory and not 20-ton stone blocks. These ruins were ancient even at the time of the Conquest, nor could the Indians of the period provide an answer as to the identity of the Titan-builders. Another puzzle at Tiahuanaco is the absence of burial sites in the complex. Does the reign of the Tiahuanacan Empire... go back to an unknown chapter of prehistory?"

"The Jesuit Agnelio Oliva (1572-1542) recorded the words of an old Inca quipu reader to the effect that the real Tiahuanaco was a subterranean city exceeding the one above ground in vastness. It was believed that the entrance to the underground apartments could be gained through four tunnels. Last century one passage was evidently found as treasure hunters managed to get in, to look for gold, but only one came out. He brought out with him two gold bars but left behind his sanity. After this incident the Peruvian government decided to wall up the cave entrance..."

Lost Subterranean Incan Treasures in Bolivia and Peru

There have been many historical figures (Incans and Spaniards) from the era of the Spanish Conquistadors that stated that the Incas kept a well guarded secret of underground tunnels criss-crossing Bolivia and Peru. They also attested that those ancient tunnels hundreds of miles long were built by an unknown peoples many years before them! Perhaps the Tiahuanacans? Check out the underlined link on on top for more info.

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Bolivian Atlantis

Ancient Atlantis? Two miles above sea level? Seems impossible but there are many archaeologists working in the Bolivian Altiplano to prove it! The ancient Urus who are regarded as the oldest native tribes carried on a legend of their ancestors whose glorious city sunk under water when the people displeased the gods.

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Plato's Timaeus

Personally, going back to the text of Plato's Timaeus description of Atlantis is where to start an investigation on the Altiplano Atlantis. Be reminded that Plato states several times that the story of Atlantis is TRUE. Tip: Read the FOOTNOTES of each paragraph at the bottom of the webpage.

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Jim Allen's Historic Atlantis in Bolivia

Jim Allen's Website on Atlantis. He's the author of "Atlantis: The Andes Solution". He's also working on a documentary film.The film to be called Atlantis in the Andes is being produced/directed by Lisa Hutchison from Of Like Mind Productions and is to be screened by The Learning Channel & Discovery in May of next year (2001).

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For the spiritualists at heart. A lot of info about ancient Andean spiritualism, prophecies, spaceports, solar rituals, stargates, energygrids, etc. Be sure to read the "Memories and Legends" submenu. Very interesting reading :)

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Atlantis Plain

Tiahuanaco Sun Gate

Tiahuanaco Doorway

Incan Masonry

Nazca Phenomena