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Lambada? or Bolivian melody?

Sound familiar? The Cochabambino group Los Kjarkas composed this song titled, "Llorando Se Fue". During the late 1980s, the French/Brazilian group Kaoma recorded a song titled "Lambada" which contained the melody and lyrical content  from the original Los Kjarkas song. "Lambada" went on to sell over 5 million copies worldwide and became the signature track of the Brazilian Lambada dance and music genre . Los Kjarkas filed and won a lawsuit against Kaoma and are living happily in Cochabamba now!

Authentic Bolivian "Country" Music

Bolivian "Country" music is very simple and full of soul. This performer is Luzmila Carpio, a well known singer from the poor countrysides of the Bolivian Altiplano. When Evo Morales became president, he appointed her as Ambassador to France, which she is to this day. It is very reminiscent of music from the Tibetan highlands....hmmmm!

Bolivian Baroque - Treasures discovered in 2001

Click the PLAY button below to listen to "Don Januario" from the CD Bolivian Baroque Volume 2 - Music from the Missions and La Plata. (It is an excerpt of the original).

Below is a Flute Melody composed by anonymous. This is an original piece of Bolivian Baroque dated from approximately 300 years ago.

Songs in Minor Keys

Bolivian Music is known to be sad a lot of times, many songs are in the MINOR key to give it a sense of angst and disharmony. This is due to the turbulent history and poverty a large segment of the people have experienced. This piece "Nostalgias" by the Cochabambina group "Grupo Femenino" is an example of melancholy Bolivian singers. 
Below you find the same group singing a much happier piece.

Deep heartfelt sounds from the lonely mountains of the Andes in Bolivia.

Livelier sounds from the lowland Amazonia of Bolivia which covers approximately 65% of Bolivia.

MORE TO COME !!! Tell me if you like the videos or hate them :-)

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