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View of Cochabamba from the Northern Slopes of the Andes mountains. Cochabamba is known to have a  pefect climate, with average summer temperatures of 80 degrees and winter temperatures of 70 degrees. Located in the heart of Bolivia and South America, its a perfect medium between the cold desolate Altiplano (La Paz) and the humid, tropical plains of Santa Cruz. The city is nicknamed 'El Ciudad Jardin' or in English, the garden city. The city is surrounded by gentle sloping mountains on all sides. Many foreigners retire here due to its climate and relaxed ambiance.
Vista de Cochabamba desde las Lomas de Aranjuez.  Cochabamba se conoce por tener una clima pefecta, con temperaturas del verano de 80 grados y temperaturas del invierno de 70 grados. Localizado en el corazón de Bolivia y de América del sur, es un medio perfecto entre el Altiplano solitario y frío (la Paz) y las áreas húmedas y tropicales de Santa Cruz. Bolivianos lo conocen como  'Ciudad Jardin '. La ciudad es rodeada por las montañas que se inclinan al valle de todos los lados. Muchos extranjeros retiran aquí debido a su clima y ambiance relajado.

Cochabamba Bolivia

Videos of Cochabamba:

Commercial for Cochabamba's Beer Company Taquina:

Contrast of rich and poor in Cochabamba:

Plaza de las Banderas (Flag Plaza): Photo Sharing and Video
                  Hosting at Photobucket The new 10 screen movie theatre "Cine Center": Photo Sharing and Video
                  Hosting at Photobucket View towards the city center as of 2007: Photo Sharing and Video
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This is Cochabamba's tallest building - the Los Tiempos building which is the city's main newspaper. Banco Santa Cruz occupies the first floors.

Palacio Portales

Cochabamba's grandest residence - the Palacio Portales.


The Cochabamba Stadium is a popular venue for mostly soccer games and concerts.


View looking towards the south of Cochabamba. The hill in the distance is the Zona Sud area.


View looking towards Northern Cochabamba. The buildings in the distance are on Avenida America.  These buildings are mostly condominiums.


This view is looking towards central Cochabamba from the North side.


Another view of the downtown area.


View towards the mormon temple in Northern Cochabamba (the bright white building). This photo was taken from the Queru Queru neighborhood off of Avenida America.


Detail of the mormon temple.


Typical street scene in the North part of the city.


This is a typical neighborhood street - almost all homes have high walls - for privacy and security.


Villa Albina Estate located in Pairumani, west of Cochabamba on the slope of the Cordillera Tunari. Built by once tin magnate Simon Patino, this home is still owned by his descendants whom live in France now but visit regularly and hold functions at this estate.

Suticollo, Cochabamba. The name Cochabamba comes from the ancient Incan language "Kocha Pampa" meaning Lake Valley.


This is Cochabamba's International Airport..Jorge J. Wilstermann.  It is relatively small but clean.


The statue of Christ that overlooks the entire city. The holes you see on the statue are actually small windows. It gives you an idea how big it really is. Yes you can also walk inside the statue and climb up, but its not for the claustrophobic! There is also a suspended car lift that can take you up the hill to the statue... for you lazy ones.... ;)
La estatua de Cristo que pasa por alto la ciudad entera. Los agujeros que usted ve son ventanas pequeños. ¡Usted puede entrar dentro de la estatua y subir para arriba, pero no lo reccomendiendo para los claustrophobicos! Hay también una coche suspendida  que puede llevarle a la estatua... para los flojos....;)


Burger King has replaced McDonalds throughout Bolivia, since McDonalds left in 2003. This particular BK is located in the Prado.


Here you can see the highest peak in Cochabamba, called Tunari. The actual mountain is a national park where visitors can climb and see llamas and vicunas along with indigenous mountain herders living their daily lives.

The Parque Mariscal Santa Cruz is a must if you have kids. There's an aquarium, pool, sports fields, picnic area, dirt bike racing, slides, etc. The entrance fee is cheap. This park is located in the "La Chimba" neighborhood not far from the airport.