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El Mirador & Lomas de Aranjuez

This home was located on a cul-de-sac in the neighborhood.

The El Mirador neighborhood is located in the North Eastern area of the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia. This neighborhood has a wonderful view of the city since its on the slope of the Cordillera Tunari mountain range.

Stately home in El Mirador, Cochabamba.


This example of an English Colonial has quoining and a spectacular view of the city. It is located in the gated community of "Lomas de Aranjuez".




Queru Queru


A private home in Queru Queru.

The Portales Mansion located in the heart of Queru Queru (Northern Cochabamba). Owned by the Patino descendants, its an example of the eclectic style. There is an art museum in the basement and the gardens are nicely kept.


The Portales library. Very quiet and quaint inside. There are public hammocks to read on! You can also play a game of GIANT chess with oversized figures in the courtyard.


Home in Upper Queru Queru


Queru Queru mansion near the border with Cala Cala.

Quaint homes located in Queru Queru Alto (Upper Queru Queru).


Home near Upper Queru Queru with a nice view of the Jesus statue as well as the golden statue atop the newly built mormon temple (the white structure in the middle of the photo).


More photos of the Portales Mansion here.

Cala Cala


Home with red roses over the front walls. Cochabamba is known as the Garden City because everyone has a garden in their yard. A large variety of flowers and plants thrive here due to its temperate climate.


This beautiful home located behind the Stadium has a North American roof. In Bolivia this style is expensive since the shingles must be imported. Notice the UV protected glass (with rainbow effect) and the odd window that curves at 90 degrees!

Older home located on Avenida America (American Ave.). This Avenue is the major roadway criss crossing the northern section of the city. Queru Queru and Cala Cala are where the older homes are located. Some owners of these haciendas are shady Government Ministers... ;)


Cala Cala home.


Small but detailed home in Cala Cala.






Trojes in Chilimarca is a suburb outside the city on the Northwest slopes of the Tunari range. The current governor of the Cochabamba Department (Manfred Reyes Villa) lives there.


Most homes have 10 foot walls with lush gardens within. There is an emphasis on privacy in these homes as opposed to other upper class neighborhoods near the city.



Since Chilimarca is on a slope, most homes have great views of the city below.


A new home under construction (2005).


Entrance to the new home.



An entrance to a home in an Egyptian theme.


Avenida America Oeste


I found it ironic to have an angel alongside a broken glass wall. These fences are typical to prevent burglars from climbing them with ease!

Avenida America

The America Oeste neighborhood is named so because it is located on the western end of Avenida America (America Ave.) This is my favorite home due to its eclectic style and bold colors. It is actually larger than it seems, the front wall is 8 - 9 feet tall.


These [upper class] homes are modern European style. Most homes are solid concrete with steel re-enforcement.


Angle shot.


This is more likely an apartment complex. I like the funky colors!

This wild home is still in construction. The vibrant colors give this America Oeste home a unique touch. You can see the statue of Jesus on the lower right hand side of the house.


I like how this house looks like its perched on its garden.



It is no surprise that poverty is rampant in Bolivia and the majority of people live in homes like the ones above. But on a positive note, Cochabamba's Cercado district has the highest Human Development in all of Bolivia (2nd is Santa Cruz, 3rd is La Paz). Nonetheless the stratification of wealth is clearly seen in everyday life.

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