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Photos of Bolivia - Fotos de Bolivia (Bolivie)

Bolivia is a land of extremes, from frigid Andean peaks to tropical amazonian rainforests. From the lonely solitude of the world's largest salt flats to bustling metropolises of La Paz, Cochabamba & Santa Cruz. Contrasting luxurious spanish mansions & poor countryside quaint villages lost in time. Whether you're looking for a thrill ride on the world's most dangerous road or serene bird watching tours in the Andean valleys, you'll find something to do in Bolivia.


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Bolivian Landscapes - Salar de Uyuni, Altiplano, etc

Dinosaurs Bolivia


Cretacious Park

Tiwanaku Tiahuanaco Bolivia


Cochabamba Bolivia


La Paz Bolivia

La Paz

Santa Cruz dela Sierra Bolivia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Bolivian Architecture


Hearty and healthy Quinoa soup

Weather and Food

Incan Masonry

The Mysterious Andes

Bolivian Baroque

Bolivian Music


Trivia and Facts about Bolivia


So you're travelling to Cochabamba.....


Fotos de Bolivia


This site is a visual account of the wonderful culture, landscape, mystery, and architecture that we experienced while in Bolivia. (I took a few photos of homes because I love architecture!).
Este sitio es una cuenta visual de la cultura maravillosa, paisajes, misterio, y arquitectura que hemos visto mientras en Bolivia.

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Nevada Illimani, Tropical Parrots, Lake Titicaca Reed Boat

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During the 1600's European missionaries taught indigenous natives in Bolivia about music, and the lost music was only recently discovered in 2001 in church crypts in the Bolivian jungle. "The scores are a real cultural treasure trove. In fact, they are almost a musical equivalent of the Dead Sea Scrolls" says one article.
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