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Photos of Bolivia
La Paz


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View from our room in the Hotel Presidente past Iglesia San Francisco. Mount Illimani is in the background. You can only see the tip, the lower part of the peak is covered by clouds.

Boy on cliff

View from an internet cafe on Linares Street and Sagarnaga Street. These streets are famous for handicrafts and the Witches Market. Notice the Coca Museum sign. :) Yes, the same coca that is used for cocaine, but the natural form is not dangerous.

Llama Fetus

Finally! A close-up of the infamous llama fetuses sold at the Witches Market (Mercado de los Brujos). It is said that when you bury a fetus in the ground of a new building, it produces good luck. The witches market also sells talismans, ingredients, etc. I bought a statue of Pachamama (Mother Earth), eye of frog, claw of crow and ear of elephant to concoct some spells for people who don't sign the guestbook... ;)

llama lard

Another market vendor on Linares Street. The llama fetuses are in the basket on the bottom of the picture, next to llama lard.


On our way to the airport, the road was blocked by this march of thousands of Pacenos protesting against low teacher wages. This cholita wore a nice metalic pollera. Cholas of other cities with warmer temperatures wear shorter skirts.. even mini-polleras! hehehe...

Some more marchers....

Don't forget to sign the guestbook!!!!! No se olviden de escribir en el libro de huesped (guestbook) !!!!!