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Photos of Bolivia - Fotos de Bolivia (Bolivie)

Trinidad, Beni

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Trinidad, capital of the Beni Department lies in the humid northeast lowlands of Bolivia. Trinidad, officially La Santísima Trinidad (Spanish: The Most Holy Trinity),  has a population of around 82,000. 

The city was founded in 1686 by Padre Cipriano Barace about 14 kilometers from its present location. The original city was on the Mamoré river, but flooding and disease in 1769 forced a move to higher ground.

Main Attractions

Laguna Suárez: Large artificial lake located 5 Km from Trinidad.
Puerto Barador: Along the shores of the Mamoré river, pink river dolphins are the attraction.


Street scene near central Trinidad. Motorcycle is the prefered method of travel for most Trinidadians, if they can afford it. Courtesy louwie3344 @ webshots.


View of the central Trinidad plaza. The city is not as large and industrialized as La Paz, Santa Cruz or Cochabamba.


As in Santa Cruz, sloths lie around the central plaza lounging around. A Beniano holding a mama sloth holding her baby sloth!


A Beniano beach on the nearby Laguna Suarez.


An aerial view near central Trinidad, Beni.


Suburbs of Trinidad with views to the Amazonian plains.


Homes further out from Trinidad, Beni, Bolivia.


Main Cathedral in Trinidad's central plaza.